Stephanie DiGiuseppe speaks with Canadian Lawyer

Stephanie DiGiuseppe speaks with Canadian Lawyer,COA overturns ruling in case involving beaten inmate(May 18, 2018).

However, Stephanie DiGiuseppe, a sole practitioner who practices criminal defence law in Toronto, says she sees positive results for inmates as a result of the ruling.

Stephanie is quoted: “[D]espite the Court’s decision to overturn the summary judgment of the court below in this matter, it is still somewhat heartening to see action being taken against a correctional institution for this type of negligent supervision and to know that the mater will proceed to a trial where the officers involved will be called upon the [sic] explain their actions,” she said in an email comment.

“The behaviour of the correctional officers in this case, most notably the failure to adequately monitor inmates through surveillance cameras, are features we see time and time again in cases involving institutional violence,” she added.

“Often while the perpetrators of the assault are held accountable through criminal proceedings, historically we have not seen an abundance of corollary action being taken against correctional officers or the institution itself, even, I’ll note — and I’ve had some experience of this in cases I’ve worked on — where there are allegations that correctional officers took part in directing the assault, planning the assault, or turning a blind eye to the assault.”