Dr. Gloria Chudnow’s Charges Withdrawn by Crown Attorney

It is important for the public to know the outcome of this case. On February 16, 2017, following 10 days of a preliminary hearing, the Crown Prosecutor involved in this case not only withdrew all the charges against me, but also placed strong statements on the record which make it clear that these charges should never have been brought in the first place. He stated:

“We’ve examined a number of witnesses. The end result of this – of this is and a review of the transcript would bear this out, is that the witnesses of the – that form the foundation of this Crown – on the Crown’s case in this are wholly unreliable and not credible. Submissions could be made that they are lying. And given that there is a lack of independent corroborative evidence that – we don’t believe that the juror – trier of fact could come to the conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms. Chudnow has committed the offences that are before the court… [Emphasis added]”

Attached is a copy of the Transcript of Proceedings 16 Feb 17